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A Devious Use of History

Late winter greetings and thoughts,

A major challenge we are facing in this nation may be summarized by the turn of phrase, ‘twisting historical facts to fit your political agenda and making them seem true.’ We are surrounded by this devious use of history to change people’s minds and their perceptions of what is truth. 

Yes, America was built by immigrants; all of us descend from immigrants. We arrived here, still retaining our roots, but came with the dreams and hopes that if we worked hard and were successful, could make it in America. We stood together as Americans in supporting the dreams, hopes and goals of a new land fashioned upon Western culture decisions, literature, strong influences of being responsible and accountable for our own successes and achievements. We were united in believing and behaving like citizens in a special new world.  

Were there challenges? Absolutely.  Were there disjointed groups and feelings of being left out or not even being seen? Yes. But, there weren’t the polarizing debates between individuals or political groups around the separatist thinking of identity politics. These cultural backgrounds were rich in the facts and ways communities supported each other, BUT always with the recognition that “we are here and we are now Americans embracing this land of dreams, opportunities and hope for success because we can earn it.” This is a land of opportunity for those individuals willing to be accountable and responsible for their own success, all the while embracing their diverse immigrant backgrounds. There was no expectation of a “free lunch.” You earned you way forward, sometimes by hook or crook. Still, you owned your own experiences and developed your own competencies. 

We are watching all this history be destroyed before our eyes. It takes the form of gutless and guilty politicians who lack the Moral Courage to tell the truth and be held accountable.  Their goal seems purely to appeal to voter base and be re-elected.  Added to this is the failure of our schools to teach history at all in its factual entirety. Today, young men and women have no reference point stemming from the history that is this nation. 

Today’s political environment is using social conflict as a force to destroy and drive apart the idea of Americanism. I believe that under the guise of inclusion and equality we are creating anger and dissension and hatred, and there is coming a terrible price to pay. People fly their flags, but not alongside the American flag.

The political system is broken.  One way to fix that is to talk about it, and be open, but that is not possible in this polarized political climate. Truth is truth and you can’t falsify it.  Facts are facts, but it doesn’t mean you can’t see things differently. At least listen to the other person.

It is important for people to take accountability and responsibility for themselves. The truth is, there is no free lunch.  Candidates are sounding off about what they are going to pay for, and what they can do for you, yet now our deficit is nearly $1 trillion.

We are mortgaging the future of our country and our children. And there’s a terrible price to pay.

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