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Becoming a Servant Leader

Looking at individuals who are able to become effective and inspiring leaders, I see in them several reoccurring behaviors and attitudes. One that seems to stand out is how the individual grows and develops into what I call ” A Servant Leader.” Let me briefly define what I mean by this term. I believe a ” Servant Leader” is an individual whose core values are ingrained and they live and practice them consistently each day through their Behaviors, Deeds and Words.

What are these core Values and matching Behaviors?  Simply put they are: Integrity, Truth, Trust, Caring and Honesty wrapped up in a mantel of Moral Courage , Love and Faith– the belief that they have a ministry and that is  helping  make the World a Better Place   ‎for all human Beings.

My experience supports my Belief that the most effective individuals become Leaders through a journey allowing them to understand their gifts and recognize the ” Power for Good” these endowed gifts give them. Being a Servant Leader is not about ” self,” it is about the desire to help others discover their true gifts , and in doing so, light the internal quest for Truth,  Caring and Helping Others– the Community of Love .

Being true to yourself is a critical component within the Mantel of a Serving Leader. This is one of the core components allowing an individual to always Be Themselves in every situation and all environments. Consistent Behavior carries within it the seeds from which Trust is built and developed. That is one reason successful Serving Leaders are fine communicators. How we communicate combined with our actions and behaviors become the ” DNA” reaching across time and space to build esprit de corps and the Culture of Trust.

This is the Gift of becoming a Servant Leader.

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