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Being Yourself

One way to remember Who you are, is to remember who are your heros.  Today, so many individuals in the field of sports and Hollywood are touted by the media as “role models.”  This instant fame that is media driven often masks and hides from view the real character flaws that ultimately destroy these individuals as worthy role models.  There is no substitute for excellence.  You cannot fake character, nor credibility, based on living your values by being yourself.

Increasingly, the benefits of a successful leadership culture are standing out as we look at companies and organizations struggling with values and behaviors.  Whenever managers, employees, clients, shareholders, owners, and even competitors, join forces in pursuit of shared goals, everybody wins.  This is an approach to leadership that is not devisive, but unifying, not competitive, but collaborative, not based on zero sum philosophy of scarcity, but on abundance – the economic, intellectual and spiritual abundance that human beings can produce when their talents and energies are unleashed.  Robert Young’s interview reinforces the importance of hiring excellent people, helping them develop and learn the responsibility of owning results, building a culture of success that focuses on clients, their needs and goals.

Leadership is about taking risks and owning the actions necessary for building a culture able to invigorate each individual team member resulting in an organization believing in itself with the ability to continually learn from experience, adjusting and growing from their successes.  I believe each of you will enjoy Robert Young’s interview.  There are lessons for each of us in his success and that of his firm. 

Managing Your Own Success

"Post hoc, ergo procter hoc" ... "After this, therefore because of this."

One of the great traps of leadership is falling into the potential logical fallacy that is so clearly expressed by this Latin phrase.

To make a decision based on a previous outcome without examining the causes, the reasons why for the outcome, and the benefits that come from the course of action, is to open yourself up for believing change is not always a factor and force as you move forward.

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