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D-Day Anniversary


The 75th anniversary of the June 6th, D-Day Invasion of Normandy is a time when everyone should step back, reflect upon, and examine their own personal Values.  Tom Brokaw memorialized these events in his book, The Greatest Generation. The trap in this kind of labeling is that individuals, who are today involved in their challenging lives, may feel they cannot measure up to these kinds of expectations unleashed and magnified during a global conflict.   

We do not need war or global conflicts to be men and women of individual character.  What we need today is for all human beings to recognize that we share and occupy one earth. 

To be successful individuals, communities or nations, there must be a shared value template.  I would remind all of us today, this great D-Day Invasion, that – 

  • Your Character counts.
  • There is no substitute for integrity, trust, caring, honesty and compassion.

Our world is desperate for leadership.  Each of us, wherever we may be has an obligation, and indeed a duty, to be a beacon of leadership light by setting the examples and living everyday core values that make us human beings of Character.

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