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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

In recent years, I have often been asked by a wide range of clients if my coaching program was available through a series of regular telephone or face to face SKYPE calls. As a result of these inquiries, I find myself more often supporting clients with coaching and mentorship sessions on a regular basis through telephone follow-ups and SKYPE meetings.

Time demands upon clients today, combined with the complexity of decisions, and often, unintended consequences, are an increasing part of today’s business environment, and one in which the need for personal coaching is valuable and of great benefit.  A critical component for success is building client relationships.  There is nothing more important than your skilled ability at building personal relationships with present and future clients.

If you find yourself or your team in need of this tailored coaching and mentoring going forward in 2018, I would be interested in talking more about it with you. 

With my best wishes for a successful 2018!

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