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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends,

I wish each of you, and your Families a very happy, loving and fun-filled  Thanksgiving Holiday.

We all have so much to be “Thankful For” in our lives. Below are some key thoughts as we go forward toward the December Holiday Season. I hope each of you will reflect upon your own Wisdom as Leaders and the crying need our entire World Community has, searching for individuals with strong core Values whose personal character and DNA
embraces Moral Courage.

Over the past several weeks I have been reading, watching and listening to a wide range, scope, and community of individuals all offering opinions, statements, and analysis on the broad spectrum subject: Impeachment.  I find it interesting, and in many ways dumbfounding, that most of this broad collection of “Expert opinion-setters” has not once used the words “Personal Values.” I am increasingly concerned about the “loss” of this idea from our discussions with and about Impeachment. Taking this idea to a much broader place,  I believe much of our own lives shall be impacted by the continuing crisis filling our country and our Global Communities. I refer to the destruction and elimination of the Core Values upon which we live our daily lives, base our communities and grow, develop and nurture our institutions which are the “DNA” upon which this Republic was founded, based and built.  This rising poltical storm and polorization of our lives, “rewriting” of our Nation’s history and simplistic approach to finding answers for highly complex problems is, in my opinion, the outcome of a political crisis that has been growing since the end of WW II. Leadership no longer is about Moral Values and an individual’s own Character.  It’s about money, being elected, staying in the “office,” surrounding oneself with “yes men and women” and seeking instant access to “fame.”  My biggest concern is simply stated, “Where have all our leaders gone?” Why do we not see and find them filling our country with their Wisdom, Trust, Truth, Integrity, Caring and Moral Courage? Now is the time for each individual citizen in this great Republic, and across our Globe, to stand up, be involved, be outspoken, and live and practice that most important Value of all: Moral Courage.

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