Leadership Fundamental #1

Your Character Counts

Effective leadership will always reside within the mystery of character. Contact me about this program for yourself and your team.

This past month we have experienced a kaleidoscope of world events, from revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, to catastrophic natural disasters hitting Australia and Japan. These events make you step back and ask the question, “What is happening in our world?” What I find most interesting in the continuous news coverage and discussions surrounding these events is the almost complete absence of the word leadership.

In this issue, I am briefly describing a number of my successful coaching programs for your consideration. By developing a leadership mindset, you and your organization will benefit financially through your enhanced ability to become your client’s Trusted Advisor.

"The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself."

Bob Mobley

Client Interview: Phil Walker on Creating a New Business Model

Interview by Deborah Lazaroff

DL: What do you believe are some of the biggest issues facing leadership when it comes to dealing with change?

PW: There are several important steps that must be taken. The first step – and the first responsibility – of a leader is to tell the truth. This is something we are sorely missing everywhere today. The second step that must be taken by every business is to articulate its values and then have every member exemplify those values every day.

DL: The higher you get, the more you need an objective outsider like a Leadership Coach to point out the realities to you.

PW: When I read books about big companies and their CEOs, like Too Big To Fail, I discovered that there was one thing they all had in common: none of them had a Leadership Coach. If you were to ask me what I thought was the number one thing missing in leadership today, it’s that we don’t consult an objective outsider because we think we have all the answers. Business is a spiritual practice; it is about fulfilling ourselves and the people with whom we work. There are no other spiritual practices in existence that do not require you to have a teacher or guide to help you. And that’s what we all need most in business.

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Phil Walker

Phil Walker is a Martindale-Hubbel AV-rated attorney, the highest rating possible among his professional peers. One of the top Worker's Compensation attorneys worldwide, his new company is focused and dedicated to building the perfect Workers Compensation System to benefit employers and their employees. He leads seminars and will appear as the keynote speaker at the Mayo Clinic National Worker's Compensation conference this year.

The World Ahead

Two decades ago, the Soviet Empire and its ideological engine, Communism, simultaneously died. Today, twenty years later, there is a widespread and long list of conflicts, unsettling trends, and mounting global problems. Mindful that the unexpected is always lurking in the future, leadership has never been more important.

"Your key to success is always putting your clients first. How do you do this most effectively? By listening carefully to what they tell you."

Bob Mobley

Some of the "Commandments" for Successful Leaders

  • A sound ethical compass
  • Clarity and Focus
  • Knack for developing talent

My tutorial coaching programs help you master the skills and communications techniques, allowing you to effectively establish your role as a Trusted Leader.

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