Eagle Talk

Making A Difference

I spent the last month considering all that is going on around us. To effectively cope with these changes requires a change in how we think about organizations and the values and behaviors that shape their cultures.

Think about your own personal experiences – when you have been most successful and impactful in what you’re seeking to achieve or accomplish. Why were you effective? Truth, integrity, honesty, caring, compassion, openness and respect are powerful and compelling values that we live through our behaviors. They become the true DNA of our personal leadership and success. You cannot fake these values. You have them and live by them, or you don’t. The world at large, as foolish as it may seem to be based on headlines and twitter posts, knows when a person is real or not.

Our challenge today is adapting our way of thinking to be flexible and able to cope with rapid change that is not going to slow down… we can be ourselves, and in being ourselves, become role models for excellence. The world is desperate for leadership. This is your time to step up and become a man or woman of action by “Living your Values.”

It is time for each of us to step up and hold ourselves accountable for making a difference in our world and the lives of those around us.

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