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Reflections Upon Values Based Culture

Our Key to a Successful Nation and World

During the past several weeks, we are all being bombarded by stories from one source or another highlighting the “disagreements and disparities” within our Communities. Issues and topics of discussion cover a wide range, from wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of Covid 19, to States going on lock downs, with limitations placed upon schools being open and the closing bars and other businesses. The deepening division in our Communities over these issues, combined with the spreading intolerance for open discussion and listening to the other individuals thinking and reasoning, is creating a dangerous mindset and behavior impacting an expanding number of Americans. History has shown us time and again that the pathway leading to the door of Dictatorship is paved by the destruction of Shared Values and Community.

My great fear lies in several realities I see coming together during these demanding and stressful times. First, we are paying the price for the failure within our educational system to teach History with its important and valuable lessons. Too many of our citizens including many of our Political Representatives have little or no idea about the ways and means used by those individuals seeking to become all powerful and in essence Dictators. Our institutions are protected by the professionalism of our officials and our judges. These individuals hopefully feel guided and bounded by the values and standards laid down by those who proceeded them in their roles and offices. Yet as History has so clearly demonstrated, these values and standards can be manipulated by individuals who lack the character and integrity to be true Servant Leaders.

Our biggest threat to our democracy is from the leaders and government in power. Enterprising politicians have seized upon identity politics, and with this as a focus, the issues that can drive wedges into our beliefs, thinking, behaviors, actions and values. What are examples of these powerful wedges: rich vs poor, immigration, corporate monopolies, unfair differences in education, lack of “minority representation” in job roles and on and on. When a society builds

“Tribal Communities,” these can quickly turn into negative forces focusing on differences of identity and not on the successful outcomes required to build, grow and expand a Democracy for the success of all citizens.

My fear and concern is I believe we may be on this road to destroying the American Dream, and with it, the opportunities for creating a better, stronger, unified world based of the shared Humanity of Love and Faith. We are all in this together. Regardless of where you live, what language you speak, what Faith you follow the lesson from COVID 19 is we are all Human Beings living and sharing this world together. It is time we embraced our shared Humanity and stopped allowing politicians to drive us apart and fragment our Societies.

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