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Stand True to Your Character and Values

Dear Friends,

With our senses assaulted by stories of terrorism, political machinations, international power politics, shake ups in the center of our government, and racial confrontations, there is critical importance for an individual to stand true to their Character and Values. 

I truly believe the world is desperate for a rekindling of Faith, Values, Giving Back, and Community.  We are all “Brothers,” and if we do not embrace a bigger sense of “Being,” we destroy our entire world society.  Take a moment to reflect on what sustains your character and values.  Do you embrace these attributes as you engage with and lead others?

Here are memorable leaders I have been privileged to work with, and some of their individual leadership characteristics making them so impactful and effective.”

Bruno Angelici, Executive vice President, AstraZeneca

  • Bruno’s leadership successes, first at Baxter international, and then AstraZeneca, were helped by his incredible ability to build strong leadership teams of creative, inspiring, and experienced individuals able to turn plans into realty outcomes.  A very unique and special ability.

Paul Craven, Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Asset Management, London, UK

  • Besides being a superb communicator, Paul embodies the “magic” of engaging everyone he comes into contact with quickly in order to find out about their needs, dreams, goals and objectives

Michael Dobson, Chairman of Schroders, London, UK

  • Mike has the gift of insight. This allows him to trust his intuitions, and he is able to make “good decisions” based on sound judgment.

Bob HatcherChairman of Johnson and Higgins, New York City

  • Bob’s gift was his humor and his ability to make others laugh at themselves.

Rev. Bob Henley, former Pastor of The Church of The Big Wood in Ketchum, Idaho

  • ‎Bob’s greatest strength as a leader is his Faith in the Gospels and his absolute belief in “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” 

Joe McDevitt, Former Managing Director of PIMCO Europe, Asia and Middle East

  • What set Joe’s highly successful career on its path for success was his humility as an individual. He never made the other fellow feel put down or unappreciated.

Doug Ongaro, Former Manager Director of PIMCO ‘s Global Wealth Management Group

  • Doug’s great leadership gift is his ability to listen, and in doing so, find where the “Truth Lies;” and armed with this gem of knowledge, inspire his Team to “Play their Best Game.”

Christopher Reeves, Chairman of Morgan Grenfell, L‎ondon, UK

  • Christopher possessed that rare quality in a leader where he could see into the other fellow’s heart and mind. He could inspire you to take a chance for greatness.  

Dick Ross, Former Managing Partner West Coast for Johnson and Higgins

  • Dick was blessed with an ability to identify the key issues, that once solved, would bring a successful solution to their client’s issue.

Sam Willcoxon, Founder and Chairman of Fidelis SeniorCare

  • Sam’s true and unique gift is his ability at gathering others around him to join him on his journey, a quest for excellence and “Making a Difference in our Society.”

Best Wishes to you

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