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The Need for Leadership Increases Daily

The goal of my Newsletter is sharing ideas and thoughts based upon the experiences gained from the successful achievements and outcomes my clients are delivering in their companies.  The current environment so pervasive in our present business, government, and global society highlights bad news, negativity and disruptions, be they natural disasters, a major LIBOR scandal, or angry individuals taking to the streets demanding change.  It is a tumultuous time, causing fear and uncertainty that the forces of change may be being driven by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The need for leaders and their leadership seems to be increasing daily across all avenues in our world.

This month’s interview with Sam Willcoxon, visionary Founder and CEO of Fidelis SecureCare, highlights the importance leadership brings to solving problems, and in doing so, creating great opportunities.  Operating successful clinics in Detroit, Michigan, and Seattle, Washington, under the name Fidelis SecureHome, Sam’s company is dealing with and solving a major challenge facing the healthcare industry and our society. 

Society has experienced an historic loss of trust in business leaders.  Understanding what has happened to undermine the credibility of capitalism in the last decade, requires going back to the economic theories of Milton Freedman, the Nobel Prize winning economist, about the way capitalism works.  Freedman’s pronouncements have had a huge influence on CEOs, who have followed his philosophy, unwittingly or not.  The outcome has been a drive for short term gains seeking to maximize shareholder value at the expense of making ongoing investments in the business, creating lasting value for shareholders and stakeholders.  The result has been poor decision-making, with the unintentional outcome of diminishing the importance of true leadership values in creating a successful company.

Sam Willcoxon’s interview gives insight into what I like to call, “The Executive who has mastered the mysterious leadership alchemy present in creating all successful teams.”  Reading Sam’s full interview, found on our website, supports the premise that business should start with its purpose and values, using them to inspire employees to innovate and provide superior service, while creating sustainable increases in revenues and profits.  This approach provides the basis for ongoing investment in the business, creating lasting value for shareholders and stakeholders, leading to the virtuous DNA of successful capitalism. 

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