A razor-sharp mind and deep curiosity about people...

Raised and educated on the east coast, Bob found wonderful mentors and teachers at Deerfield, Yale, and Columbia; people who inspired him to be himself and encouraged his love of learning. His fascination for exploring what makes people tick has resulted in a unique and refined gift for helping people be more effective while becoming who they truly are.

Few leadership coaches can point to Bob’s track record of improving effectiveness in so many world-class companies. And the benefit is mutual. In Bob’s words, “The opportunity to work with skilled, intelligent, successful men and women in different cultures around the world is probably the best education I could have had.”

I am committed to and focused on putting passion into executives' hearts and inspiring them to be the best they can be.

People are often trying to be what they think they should be. They are good at what they do, but not always comfortable with themselves. I increase their awareness of themselves and the situations they are in. One of the ways I can improve people’s communication is by teaching them to be more conversational.

It is PEOPLE, not programs, that make a difference!

I am also a great believer in the power of silence. It is your most important tool as a communicator. Being comfortable using silence allows you to take the time to think and give your best answer. Silence gives your audience time to absorb an idea. Remember that people buy ideas by talking, so give them a chance to talk! If you have an idea-hook, stop long enough so your audience can react to it and ask questions.

Put your big ideas upfront, before the listening curve starts declining. Edit down, because too much information confuses. Remember that most people would rather talk than listen. You can have a great meeting in which you never open the formal presentation at all.

I hold up a mirror to people so they see themselves in action

Most of all, respect the power of your own integrity, values, and knowledge. Believe in yourself.