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I am committed to and focused on putting passion into executives' hearts and inspiring them to be the best they can be.

The opportunity to work with skilled, intelligent, successful men and women in different cultures around the world is probably the best education I could have had. Eagle Talk features interviews with and writings by industry leaders. Here we talk about lessons learned and imparted by those with vast experience in leading companies and teams.

Frank Diaz

A First Generation American

“As a child of immigrant parents, I have seen the sacrifices needed to be made for the greatest of opportunities.”
— Frank Diaz

Debbie Fliehman

Preparing for the Unexpected

“When businesses face unprecedented challenges, the need for change becomes evident.”
— Deborah G. Fliehman

Matt Fawcett

My Three Leadership Lessons

“1) Accept that it’s not about you. 2) Embrace, don’t resist, constraints. 3) Don’t let success stop your progress.”
— Matthew Fawcett

Gregory Jarossy

Principles of Success

“Everyone’s path is slightly different, yet, in my view, the principles of success are shared. ”
— Greg Jarossy

Elizabeth Dillon

Creating Teams is an Art

“You don’t stand a chance of scoring goals without a great team, and putting one together is an art.”
— Elizabeth Dillon.

Michael Dobson

Certain Principles are Always Important

“…irrespective of the size or complexity of the organization or the time, where everyone has a tendency to think it is different now and past rules don’t apply.”
— Michael Dobson