"Bob is a coach, counselor and partner helping build managerial, sales, and marketplace presence skills. He is one of my heroes."
"I was amazed at how powerful a single hour could be - and that was my biggest takeaway. The impact of a meeting depends on the quality, not the quantity, of the time we spend with our clients. Bob created a high-impact session through preparation... high energy, and mission-oriented engagement. We were in this together. He illustrated lessons by asking targeted and interconnected questions."
"He has the wisdom to ask the important questions. Through asking them, he identifies the problems."
"We had all MBAs who believed they were smarter than everyone else. They did an information dump and didn't listen. Bob taught them to go in with a discussion, initiate a dialogue, and listen to client needs in order to know how to position our product. You may never open the presentation book yet have a great meeting."
"He is teacher, mentor, coach. But these words are too common because he is unique. Every time I see him, I think in a broader sense how to lead and manage employees."
"Bob is about building franchises as opposed to quarterly earnings, similar to how Warren Buffet buys a stock." "Bob had an unbelievable impact on my life and especially my communication skills when we were working together with National City."
"What is unique about Bob is that he has a razor sharp mind and is very curious about people. Excellent listener. Asks great questions. Really different from other consultants, since most want to give you scripts."
"What sets Bob apart is there isn't a program or set deal: it is freewheeling and we see our deficiencies on tape. He is astute, has a great sense of people: he gets through the ego to the soul."
"Bob's way is different, because it's very personalized. It's based on where you want to go and your problems. He always stressed integrity. He's a great coach at improving individual performance and making people see the way others are reacting to them."
"The world has changed. Business communication has become more technical, but emotional intelligence, being yourself, and clear communication have not changed."

Few leadership coaches can point to Bob's track record of improving effectiveness in so many world-class companies. And the benefit is mutual.

"The opportunity to work with skilled, intelligent, successful men and women in different cultures around the world is probably the best education I could have had."

Podcasts with Bob

Thought Leaders Podcast

Thought Leaders – Talk Business with Debbie Fliehman

October 19, 2020 ~ About the Power of Pause in Conversational Language
S1 E15: iTunes | Buzzsprout

August 4, 2020 ~ Character Development and the Role It Plays in Leadership
S1 E10: iTunes | Buzzsprout

Client Interviews

Scott Millimet

Interview with Scott Millimet

I’ve never been one to shy away from speaking my opinion, and Bob encouraged that with maybe a little bit more refinement in tone and delivery. But he always encouraged me to be who I am.

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Matt Fawcett

Interview with Matt Fawcett

Bob has a really thoughtful and complete sense of the person with whom he’s working. He engaged with my team, too. It wasn’t just a one-on one relationship but more like a bicycle wheel with hub and spokes.

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