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Fantastic Response to April’s Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Vern Loucks wrote a response to this month’s Mobley Leadership newsletter entitled “Leadership in Crisis.” With his permission, I’d like to share it with you below.

— Bob

“This is a wonderful challenge to humankind. It asks for the best in all of us. As well, it asks for abandonment of the selfish greed that seems to guide so much of what goes on in our very troubled world. Lee Iacocoa wrote a book entitled ‘Where Have All The Leaders Gone?’ Perhaps this was the most important question of our time.

To me, incompetence and greed and self pride are becoming the drivers of ‘Character’ within the great powers of our time. They are compelling to those who are at the top of too many power drivers, and they inspire acceptance of mediocrity and despotism.

Today the pinnacles of power are not leaders, they are imposters without understanding, and without worthy goals or the intelligence to pursue them. They are incompetent to set lofty enough objectives to inspire us all toward unstoppable pursuit of worthy accomplishment. Again – they are not leaders, they are being led by the masses who want ‘something for nothing’. These masses place those who will sustain this concept  at the top of their priority lists. Values and character are not on their lists of worthy pursuit and selfish agenda has dominated the strategy for much of mankind.

We need help, perhaps Divine help to realign our focus and lead us from the abyss we are nearing to a sincere caring for each other. Who can provide this necessary leadership to our splintered world? Hope is getting worn out! Is there going to be a reward to mankind for this seeming eternity of good wishes for a future with value based character? Where are the leaders that will inspire that March to a worthwhile future for our children and grandchildren? What’s the process to get the ball rolling?

Thanks for your spark Bob. Now how do we create a raging fire from that great spark?”

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