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A First Generation American

Dear friends,

With our move this past fall to Napa, California, we have come into contact with many new acquaintances.  In our community I have met one young man who impressed me with the knowledge that there are leaders rising up, working hard, dedicated to moral principles, and interested in personal success. This Eagle Talk, meet Frank Diaz, Tech and Concierge, The Watermark at Napa Valley. Frank is a key member of the Watermark community as a resource for all the residents in the area of technology and all its applications, whether cell phones, computers, laptops or television. His tireless energy is supported by a truly wonderful commitment to client service and helping the Watermark residents feel at home, and supported and successful in the world of technology. Frank represents, in my mind, the very best of what I call servant leadership, the dedication to helping others and giving back.  Read on to get an idea of what a very unique and wise individual he is.

Wishing all our readership a very happy holiday season.

Frank Diaz
Frank Diaz

Frank Diaz is a tech concierge at the Watermark in Napa Valley, California. He was born and raised in the beautiful wine country of the Napa Valley.  He is a first generation American. The 24-year-old’s parents immigrated here from Mexico in order to provide him and his siblings opportunities for a future.  Playing video games at a young age piqued Frank’s interest in modern technology, where his expertise has been self-taught through exploration of all aspects of technology.

I enjoy teaching the aspects of technology that I have learned over the years, as well as learning new topics that I may not know and can explore. The patience I have when it comes to technology issues is what allows me to teach seniors here at the Watermark of Napa Valley as a tech concierge.

As a child of immigrant parents, I have seen the sacrifices needed to be made for the greatest of opportunities. My parents sacrificed the familiarity of their homeland to come to the United States for the opportunity of a better future.  This was not only a sacrifice for themselves in the moment, but also for their children. 

My parents have always appreciated this country because of the vast opportunities it offers. From an early age they instilled in me and my siblings what that sacrifice meant. They impressed upon us that in order for each of us to become successful in life, we too, would need to make sacrifices. Growing up my parents would tell me stories of the obstacles they had to overcome coming to this country with nothing. There was a time they did not have a roof over their head, they worked labor intensive jobs, and always there was the fear of deportation.

As I grew, I had to help my parents and siblings with different technology needs, so I was able to understand how to explain and teach people how to use laptops and phones at an early age.

As I’ve grown and experienced life in this country, I always remember the guide I was given to use to succeed.  I feel that as one who has been given guidance I should take it upon myself to use this guide and share it with others because it takes one to know the way and then share the way.  Leadership is about being the guide, helping others and learning. Sometimes you have to take on another role for the team.  A leader knows that no job is ever beneath them and the work must be done in order for everyone to succeed. My guide to success for the little success I’ve had so far has been being open to advice from other people who have been successful in their fields and to not expect immediate results when it comes to a certain project or a new job opportunity.

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