Your Character Counts

Being yourself is the key to building trust in others.

"Bob has created a unique program that helps individuals understand the reasons for the perceptions they create in others."

Bob will help you increase your situational awareness and clearly project through your behaviors, attitudes and communication skills the characteristics of successful leadership. You will build self-confidence and immediately create win-win situations using silence techniques, a less-is-more approach that benefits your listeners, and awareness practices showing you why and how others are absorbing and reacting to your ideas.


  • Ability to develop Trusted Advisor relationships
  • Improved leadership capability and capacity
  • Enhanced individual performance in goal achievements
  • Stronger and more positive company culture
  • Greatly improved bottom line earnings

This is a one day program. Follow-up sessions are strongly recommended to insure that each participant is mastering the skills and competencies required for success. Follow-up sessions can be held via SKYPE or at your company’s offices and depend upon each individual’s progress in achieving their personal action plan goals. The program can be run as a one-on-one tutorial or as a group session. Group size is limited to no more than five participants.

Key Concepts:

  • Ethical values and behaviors
  • Being yourself
  • Emotional self-confidence
  • Communicating by design with purpose
  • Listening skills
  • Effective coaching for developing talent
  • The courage to be a leader
  • Adaptability
  • Creating emotional linkages