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Creating and leading High Performing Teams

Dear Friends,

There are thousands of books written about Leadership. Many of them promote a process formula, which if followed, can effect leadership qualities. In my experience working with a wide range of highly successful men and women creating and leading High Performing Teams, it always comes back to the following great Truth. Sharing a core set of Values and Behaviors is the DNA enabling them to be inspiring, successful individuals. By living their own Values every day, they build trust and inspiration, attracting others who want to follow them. I believe this confirms that successful leadership is based on each individual’s own capacities and determination.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Here are some of their key shared behaviors and skills. These are never a set formula or cookbook-type list. These skills are all grounded in clear core Values and the fact that each successful individual can achieve their maximum impact by always Being Themselves. Sound familiar?

  • Listen, Learn, Lead!
  • Accept ownership and total responsibility for your decisions and the actions you are making and taking.
  • Personal Relationships are the heart and glue of Great Teams; they are the DNA upon which Trust is established, built and embedded within an organization’s Culture.
  • Absolutely “Keep Faith” with the individuals below you. Always have “their backs.”
  • Get things done. A key to this is self-discipline and clear priorities.
  • Moral Courage is the most important Value a leader can have. Moral courage builds and transmits powerful perceptions to all those around you who are looking to you to help them find and achieve their own “personal success and fulfillment.”
  • There is no substitute for success. It comes through hard work and dedication for becoming the very best you can be. The greatest limitation we can place upon our leadership journey is are own self-doubts. Two of my favorite personal reminders as I seek and search each day for ways to become a more impactful Servant Leader.

The price of greatness is responsibility.

Best wishes in this difficult, challenging time.

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